Saturday, 29 October 2016

"Skeletons Dance" from "An Original Thought" gets its first broadcast...

Many thanks to the excellent Jon Colcord for playing “Skeletons Dance” from “An Original Thought” on today’s “Out of the Woods” show (#342), fresh out of Concord, NH.

Jon sends it out “…to a politician with skeletons falling out of their closet!” Any ideas who?

As well as being up online, “Out of the Woods” plays on stations across the US and overseas. The new show airs in the UK on Sword Radio at 3pm this coming Thursday.

As always, the whole show’s a must. However, if you’re just wanting to check out “Skeletons Dance” (in what I believe may be its first airing?), join in the party around the 2 hrs 17mins point.

Thanks again, Jon. Really appreciated, and I hope your politico's listening!

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