Friday, 22 September 2017

WFMU-FM plays Simfonica's "Cumulo Nimbus"...

Grateful (if a little belated) thanks to Jeffrey Davison for giving a Simfonica track its first-ever radio broadcast!

On 2nd September, Jeffrey played the full "Cumulo Nimbus" on his Shrunken Planet show on WFMU-FM out of New York and New Jersey. 

If you're into ambient sound, Shrunken Planet is a great place to start!

Polish review of Simfonica's "Song of the Volcanoes"...

Many thanks to Adam T. Witczak for this Polish review of Simfonica's "Song of the Volcanoes"

It's quite good - I think...
¤ Simfonica - Song of the Volcanoes ¤

Cathedral Transmissions 2016

Ocena: 3.5

1. Hekla, 2. Mayon, 3. Mother Russia, 4. Cumulo Nimbus

Z tych czterech kompozycji dwie poświęcone są wulkanom, jedna chmurom, a jedna, o dziwo, Matce Rosji. Tytuł całości odnosi się jednak tylko do wulkanów, okładka natomiast przedstawia je na tle zachmurzonego nieba. 

Takie więc są czy też powinny być nasze skojarzenia. A jak to wszystko brzmi? Cóż, jest to całkiem poczciwy ambient, niespecjalnie może oryginalny, ale na swój sposób sympatyczny. Każda kompozycja zbudowana jest z grubsza w taki sam sposób. Jeden plan to ambientalne plamy quasi-melodyczne, przeciągłe, nieco rozmyte i sunące sobie w oddali po niebie. Plan drugi, który pojawia się dość często, choć nie przez cały czas, to struktury rytmiczne. To po prostu pewnego rodzaju zapętlone sekwencje perkusyjne, niespecjalnie skomplikowane, pasujące czy to do rocka, czy do techno, gdyby wyjąć je z ambientowego kontekstu. 

I to właściwie wszystko. Rytm odpowiada za ogólną strukturę, trzyma muzykę w ryzach. Ambientalne melodie, czasem łagodne i nostalgiczne, kiedy indziej trochę drapieżne, pozwalają się rozmarzyć. Plamy te zresztą zachodzą na siebie w swego rodzaju porywach, jak pochłaniające się na przemian i wyłaniające ponownie zza siebie chmury. No właśnie...

Niby nic szczególnego - i w dodatku rzecz jest bliska różnym relaksacyjnym chill-outom. Ale nie ma tu tej komercyjnej słodyczy i sztampowości. Sam koncept oryginalny nie jest, ale wykonanie ma w sobie przynajmniej trochę odrębności.

-- Adam T. Witczak [23 kwietnia 2017]

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Simfonica's "Letters In Time" DVD on Amazon...

I'm delighted to say Simfonica's "Letters In Time" DVD is now available on Amazon


Monday, 28 August 2017

The Sunday Experience reviews Simfonica's "Letters In Time"...

Many thanks to Mark Barton of The Sunday Experience for his highly individual and very supportive review of Simfonica's "Letters In Time"

Truly appreciated, Mark!

Following on from last year’s immaculate outing on Cathedral Transmissions (‘song of the Volcanoes’), Trevor Midgley better recognised as folk troubadour Beau dons his Simfonica alter ego to return for the happening that is the celestial occurrence entitled ‘letters in time’. A mammoth four track kosmische odyssey, a concept album that builds a modern-day conversation to ‘a significant letter from modern history’. These four individual suites find inspiration and give pause for reflection to events that changed the course of understanding, beliefs, tolerance and the political machine, in turn these symphonic salutes nod to Emile Zola, Martin Luther King, Siegfried Sassoon and Oscar Wilde. Conceived as both an audio and visual experience, ‘letters in time’ has already run into marketing issues with one label passing up the option on the basis of ‘political content’ contained in two of the tracks. How very enlightening in an age where some of us stand up for the freedoms of fairness, equality and truth. As a result, the album finds itself released and self-financed by Mr Midgley himself. To the sounds themselves, one suggests that full appreciation be taken by the listening through headphones, at nearly 50 minutes in duration, ‘letters in time’ provides for a dream like immersive experience that’s shivered in gathering shadows whilst beguiled in celestial euphoria for this ghostly quartet of shimmering visitations are lushly expressed in classically toned symphonics the most telling being the spectral swells and swathes of choral corteges that swirl with ethereal resonance amid  the bleakly beautiful ghost light that is ‘a soldier’s declaration’ it’s haunting overturing casting a head bowed solemn reverence to the proceedings as though like spirit voices from the trenches, the movement momentarily chilling to the brief echo of a regimental drum roll. Elsewhere, amid the trance toned mesmerics, Simfonica takes flight utilising a vintage wash of meditative mosaics schooled in 70’s electronic drift scapes notably Tangerine Dream and Popol Vuh with additional colouring lending reference to both the vivid beauty of Debussy and the gravitas of John Tavener, a point nowhere else better exemplified than on the radiant rapture that is ‘de profundis’. ‘j’accuse’ – incidentally the longest suite featured here, is aglow in a contemplative Church like majesty, its whisper toning vapour trails serenely spooled in ecliptical formations that orbit and shimmer between lulling hymnal haloes and sun scorched grace falls. Perhaps the most harrowing and hollowing of the quartet is the doomed fate sealing ‘from a Birmingham jail’, for here a foreboding chill prevails throughout, its ethereal cascades retreating in a conspiring foretelling with the harmonies petrified and pierced with a disquieting bleakening.

Saturday, 26 August 2017

Simfonica - "From A Birmingham Jail" video...

From the new Simfonica “Letters In Time” DVD, this is ‘From A Birmingham Jail’, inspired by Martin Luther King’s letter from 1963. 

“Letters In Time” is available as we speak from Bandcamp.

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Simfonica's "Letters In Time" DVD - release day...

Big announcement today folks!

Simfonica’s brand new DVD, “Letters In Time” (of which some may have caught an inkling on the grapevine?) is now available through Bandcamp!

A 48-minute electronic/experimental extravaganza, “Letters In Time” is a concept set inspired by four significant letters from modern history.

Details at the link above, and much more to come…

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

What's this I see...?

Hmm, something's cookin'! Watch this space...

Friday, 18 August 2017

Let It Rock reviews "When Butterflies Scream"...

Many thanks to Dmitry Epstein for this fine review of "When Butterflies Scream"...

Much appreciated!
BEAU –When Butterflies Scream (Cherry Red 2017)

Breaking beauty upon a wheel, British troubadour tunes into the times.

Within his album-a-year stretch of late, Trevor Midgley may not offer a lot of melodic variety, yet it’s not the 12-string guitar ringing that’s been luring the listener towards the veteran’s oeuvre for decades now – it’s his erudite interest to a variety of subjects given to poeticizing. There was irony in "An Original Thought" whose release was followed by many serious events; that’s why “When Butterflies Scream” seems to steer away from explicit satire. Of course, as an Englishman, Beau couldn’t help but comment on Brexit, addressing the rift in “Who Pays The Ferryman?” to open his democracy-debating song cycle with a well-posed question which would logically land on “The Nightmare” where U.S. elections are evoked, so the “sleepwalking into a parallel zone” line can be this record’s leitmotif.

Its title coming from “Gerrymander Street Blockade” that explores the obstacles of lies, from Berlin onward, there’s a lot of routes mapped out by the singer yet only a few are paved with optimism. Even the deceptively apolitical drift of “Smilin’ Billy Lye” is about fickle fame – note the context-enriching mention of The Wall and The Tunnel in this piece – while the choristers in “The Mandarin” deliver a devil’s, not angelic, message. Not for nothing the protagonist of “It’s Only Just Begun” all but says, “Please, allow me to introduce myself,” as hypocrites come in flocks there to turn the likes of “The Promise” to tragedy. Unfortunately, we have no shelter from such dramas, so we’re all to become a part of “The Illegal” – refugees to nowhere, destined to hear butterflies scream and not able to help them, or ourselves.

Perhaps, it’s the only time that Beau doesn’t offer a way out of the dark. Hopefully, by the time his next album is released, the gloom will have been lifted.

"When Butterflies Scream" - another FLAC issue...

Audiophile friends out there! 

Late to the party, but the excellent 7Digital are now offering "When Butterflies Scream" in FLAC (lossless) format


"In The Court Of Conscience" - live video from "Recorded @ Rockers"...

This previously unseen vid of "In The Court Of Conscience" comes from the Beau "Recorded @ Rockers" session for Dandelion Radio on the hottest day in 2014!

And yes, the mini-album's still available!

Simfonica - "Song Of The Volcanoes"; download stats from

Interesting stat... after the Cathedral Transmissions CD sold out, are reporting around 6000 downloads of Simfonica's "Song Of The Volcanoes" album. 

Watch this space - more Simfonica developments in the pipeline...

"Who Pays The Ferryman?" featured...

Many thanks to Arnaud Maisetti for this really elegant feature of "Who Pays The Ferryman?" from "When Butterflies Scream"

Greatly appreciated!