Monday, 31 October 2016

Simfonica - brilliant, sad, and excellent news!

Brilliant, sad, and excellent news all in one go, folks!

The brilliant news is that Simfonica’s limited-edition CD, “Song Of The Volcanoes”, has completely sold out! Many thanks to those who decided to take the plunge!

The sad news is that there won’t be a re-press, so some who were perhaps a little late off the mark with their order have missed out on this rather elegant little presentation.

The excellent news however, is that those very nice people at Cathedral Transmissions have now made “Song Of The Volcanoes” available as a FREE DOWNLOAD!

May I suggest, if you want to burn it to your own CD, download either the WAV or FLAC versions. The sound’s absolutely stunning!

I’ve already been asked, “Will Simfonica return?” Early days people, but watch this space!

Thanks again to all those who’ve helped make this new venture such a success.

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