Sunday, 12 April 2015

The Strange Brew Podcast reviews "Shoeless In The Desert"...

Many thanks indeed to Jason Barnard for The Strange Brew Podcast's review of "Shoeless In The Desert"!
Beau – Shoeless In The Desert

Review by Jason Barnard

Following Guerssen/Sommer’s re-issue of Beau’s “Creation”, Cherry Red are releasing “Shoeless In The Desert”. It’s a download set of fourteen new recordings by the master singer-songwriter and whilst sonically not embarking on new territory, the 12-string led album’s subjects are as diverse as ever.

From conquest/imperialism of “Storm In The Eye Of God”, there’s the dense thickets of imaginary of “The Oyster & The Pearl” to the folk prettiness of “Masquerade “.

Beau’s guitar playing is as strong and nimble as it was in the late 60’s attested by “This Is Your Dream”. Finishing with “The Atheist Hymn” the song reconnects the listener with the subject matter of 1971’s “Blind Faith” from “Creation”. So with Beau’s musicianship and his lyrical muses as strong as his work for Dandelion Records 45 years ago those who love that material and bought “Creation” recently should definitely seek out “Shoeless In The Desert”.

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