Tuesday, 14 April 2015

A recording anniversary...

It’s 46 years ago to the day – April 14th 1969 – that I recorded my first LP!

It was an early start. I got up at dawn, grabbed the Harmony 12-string guitar that’s in front of me even as I’m tapping now, and set out on the 200 mile journey from Leeds to London in my old A35 van. Parked in the Marble Arch underground car park and made it to CBS Studios in New Bond Street for the 11am session.

We recorded throughout the day, pretty well non-stop. Clive Selwood was there all the time, as was Mike Ross, CBS’s superb house engineer. I don’t know how Mike kept going – he’d just finished a through-the-night session with The Who and cleaned up the studio before I arrived!

We finished up around 6pm, then I drove back to Leeds. It was a long day…

So, it’s 46 years ago today that “1917 Revolution” was recorded. Just been listening to it again for old times’ sake. It’s still got a good sound…

46 years! Doesn’t time fly when you’re enjoying yourself?

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