Sunday, 6 April 2014

The Rocktologist from Slovenia reviews "Fly The Bluebird"...

Many thanks to Rok Podgrajšek for this review of "Fly The Bluebird" in the latest edition of The Rocktologist...


Beau – Fly The Bluebird

Not long ago, I reviewed Beau’s Twelve Strings to the Beau, a re-release of Beau’s 70s effort. Now it was time to have a go at his recent effort, the newly released Fly the Bluebird.

It happens so many times that musicians who were brilliant in the 70s are not so good after their return to the scene. This is a non issue with Beau because the music on Fly the Bluebird will keep you stuck in your chair for the duration of the album, both for the musical and lyrical content.

Beau once again tackles the topical issues of the time in his lyrics. Beau has proved his lyrics are also timeless, as I’m sure it will be proven with Fly the Bluebird as well. Like the 60s and 70s, today’s world stage is full of inviting themes for rebels and musical “historians” and prophets, such as Beau, to tackle and put to paper and guitar.

Every bit as good as his 70s efforts, if not more. Beau’s voice has grown more confident through the years, it seems, as he sings his “songs of freedom” with conviction, strength and determination like never before. Lyrically, he has also remained a true wordsmith and it is an absolute pleasure to listen to his poetry turned into music.

8.5 out of 10. 

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