Sunday, 6 April 2014

A Box of Dreams reviews "Fly The Bluebird"...

Thanks to Boxdreams Wazowski for his fine review of "Fly The Bluebird"...

Fly the Bluebird

Beau a.k.a. Trevor Midgley returns with another fine album stripped back compelling singer songwriter fare with his latest release entitled “Fly the Bluebird” which is comprised of 14 new tracks the first since “The Way it Was” which was released back in 2011.

“Fly the Bluebird” is just Beau accompanied by his 12 string guitar and was recorded during March 2013 at a Studio in Norfolk.

If you are familiar with his previous material there is much to like here and it inspired me to dig out my own dusty 12 string and attempt to pick out the melodies that he has laid down.  I failed miserably!!

I particularly liked the closing number “Wings” which I’m sure he wont mind me saying this reminded me very much in vocal stylings of another great artiste who also does not get the recognition they deserve  i.e. Wizz Jones.

I think this latest release is only available as a download but head on over to his website located at for further info

Beau writes sharply observed and at times quite stinging, resonating lyrics and this is no bad thing.  There is much to like on this latest venture of his and if 60s/70′s songwriters are your bag I suggest you investigate further forthwith.

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