Thursday, 20 March 2014

Great "Fly The Bluebird" review from The Strange Brew Podcast...

Many thanks to Jason Barnard for his thoughts on "Fly The Bluebird", published last evening on The Strange Brew Podcast.

Another really fine review, boding well for release on 7th April. Here's what Jason has to say...

Beau (aka Trevor Midgley) has released another album of highly intelligent and compelling folk music with ‘Fly The Bluebird’.

After last year’s excellent vinyl set “Twelve Strings To The Beau” captured recordings made almost 40 years ago, Beau proves that his new recordings, 14 tracks released this time on download only, maintain that high standard.

It’s difficult to adequately articulate the themes as eloquently as the lyrical thickets that Trevor superbly sings but here goes.

‘Fly The Bluebird’ conveys the troubles of the modern world and the hope after the storm. There’s a return to political themes in Lenin with the memorable line “Where was the communism please, in your community?” whilst ‘Rooks & Ravens’ conveys the corrosive effect of Guantanamo Bay.

The diverse subject matter is always engaging and sets Beau apart from his peers. ‘All The Way Down The Line’ is classic 12 string folk whilst ‘When Gabriel Turns’ is a moving elegy to cruel effects of dementia.

The twists and turns continue to ‘Singapore’ (decline of the British Empire) then ‘The Hum Of The Cable’ highlighting how turning a blind eye to atrocities can lead to tyranny. Nonetheless the enchanting final track ‘Wings’ ties together this contrasting collection neatly on a positive note.

In summary this is an album to make you think, but more importantly one that inspires you to listen to its ageless chiming folk melodies.

‘Fly The Bluebird’ will be available for download from all major download sites from Monday 7th April. More information can be found at:

Cheers, Jason!

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