Saturday, 11 April 2009

Edge Of The Dark - supply delays in the UK?

Some very good news, and some not quite so good.

The first copies of "Edge Of The Dark" that went to both and have sold out! And that's excellent! Thanks ever so much to all of you who've bought!

However, several people have told me there's apparently some little delay in both companies getting replacement supplies. Amazon in the UK are quoting "2 to 3 weeks", and are indicating the CD should be "back in stock in 10 days".

I've passed these details to Angel Air as they're dealing with a new distributor and I'm sure it's not just Beau CDs that are affected.

Meantime, if you're shopping around, there are many other outlets where EOTD is either in stock or will be supplied within three to four days.

Thanks for keeping me up to speed.

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