Saturday, 18 April 2009

Beau - 40 years to the day!

Today - 18th April 2009 - is forty years to the day since the "Beau" album was completed at CBS Studios* in New Bond Street, London.

Most of the tracks for the album were laid down four days earlier on the 14th, with just a couple of retakes and some tidying up on the 18th. However, one particularly significant track was recorded exactly 40 years ago today.

"A Nation's Pride" didn't even exist when we did the first session. I wrote it on the evening of 16th April, recording it on the 18th as soon as the mics were set up. It was a first take; what you hear is all there was.

Now, forty years on, the third album, "Edge Of The Dark" has just been released. Better late than never...

(*CBS Studios has been known by various names down the years; amongst them, Sony Music Studios, The Hit Factory, and Whitfield Street Studios.)

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