Friday, 9 February 2018

Beau - "The Rose" (video from "Rattle The Asylum Bars") ...

Cherry Red are going off early with the promo on this one. From the new "Rattle The Asylum Bars" album, this is the video for "The Rose".

In 2000, a young student called Rachel Whitear was found dead on the floor of her digs in the English seaside town of Exmouth. The needle was still in her arm. To warn others against the danger of drugs, her parents bravely allowed the image of the scene to be published. “The Rose” is told from the viewpoint of a medic attending such an event; one who’s weary of being called to these incidents but knows there’ll be many more. 

Though the Rachel Whitear story is now history, the song is new. Some things leave a lasting impression.

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