Sunday, 14 May 2017

“When Butterflies Scream” COMPETITION – and the winner is…

I know what you’re thinking – after last night’s Eurovision Song Contest, can I take any more excitement?

Well, I’m delighted to tell you we have a winner in our “When Butterflies Scream” competition!

Just to remind, the question was ‘on which of the WBS’s twelve tracks do you think you’re listening to Scruff’, the less-wholesome of my pair of 1967 Harmony 12-string guitars?

Most popular choice (by quite a distance, actually) was track 2, “Gerrymander Street Blockade”, followed by “The Promise”. Neither of those, I’m afraid!

Only a select half-dozen guessed correctly that Scruff made his recording debut on track 9, “The Nightmare”.

And the first correct answer out of the washing-up bowl was… Robert Walker!

So many congrats to Robert. The promo copy (signed or not, as he wishes) will be winging its way to him in the next day or so.

And many thanks to everyone who took part. It’s been greatly appreciated, and I hope everyone keeps on enjoying the album.

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