Sunday, 28 May 2017

A plea on behalf of Simfonica...

A plea for help from the good folks of Social Media Land!

Last year, under my Simfonica electroniker moniker, I released an album called “Song of the Volcanoes” through the excellent Cathedral Transmissions experimental label.

I’ve now produced a brand new Simfonica set called “Letters in Time”. This – again – is a four track work (sorry for the pomposity there, but “work” is the best way I can describe it!) which takes its inspiration from celebrated letters written by Emile Zola, Martin Luther King, Siegfried Sassoon and Oscar Wilde.

However, this time I’ve gone one stage further and produced Simfonica’s FIRST COMPLETE DVD. The trouble is, no one whom I’ve been in contact with appears even willing to consider releasing a 48-minute standalone concept DVD.

Here’s where you can help. I’ve uploaded the shortest piece – the nine-minute “From A Birmingham Jail” inspired by Martin Luther King’s 1963 letter.

Yes, I know it’s atonal and a bit bizarre; but can I ask you to check it out, share it if and with whomsoever you feel appropriate, and most importantly drop me a message if you know of ANY video contact you think might be interested in working with me on such a project.

Thanks in anticipation – any help will be truly appreciated.

In the meantime, I hope you like “From A Birmingham Jail”

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