Friday, 28 April 2017

Beau – “When Butterflies Scream” – IT’S COMPETITION TIME!

IT’S COMPETITION TIME, FOLKS! But first, many many thanks for all your kind words and support for my latest release, “When Butterflies Scream”. It’s really has been, and is being, greatly appreciated!

But now, I have a little puzzle for you…

Y’see, the accompanying guitar on all the “Butterflies” tracks was my trusty fifty-year-old friend, Big 12; all the tracks, that is, except for one. The odd one out featured Big 12’s rather disreputable and less-pampered brother, Scruff. 

The question is, on which track do you think you’re listening to Scruff?

If you’ve already become familiar with the album, you’re probably thinking to yourself, “I know that!” If so, just send me a message or an email with the title of the track. Then, on Sunday 14th May, we’ll put all the correct answers in a barrel (or hat, or egg cup – whichever seems most appropriate!) and draw a winner.

And the winner will receive… one of the hens-teeth-rare original promo copy CDs – signed if you wish!

There’s no need to have bought the album to enter the competition. Samples of all the songs are available at most of your favourite download sites. But there are of course a couple of rules (aren’t there always?)

1) We have to say just one entry will be allowed per email address or social media I/D (anyone submitting multiple entries, the first one received counts). 


2) The judge’s decision (i.e. mine) is final!

So, with thanks to everyone for helping to drive “When Butterflies Scream” to #1 in Amazon’s Folk download chart…

Faites vos jeux, Mesdames et Messieurs and good luck!

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