Monday, 25 July 2016

The Sunday Experience's take on Simfonica's "Hekla"...

Rather fine review from The Sunday Experience of the Day 2 CD from the upcoming "14th Dream of Dr. Sardonicus" festival. 

It includes this rewarding comment on Simfonica's (i.e. yours truly's) "Hekla" which concludes the set:

"...Simfonica are tasked with bringing matters to a close with ‘hekla’ – the keen eyed among you might note that this track comes culled from a set so far unreleased entitled ‘song of the volcanoes’ which isn’t the point only the fact that it comes located from the home of Trevor Midgley / Beau, which begs the question, why hasn’t it been released because from what we hear, this cosmic cruiser cooled in minimalist pulsars ghosts between the finite divides that exist between post-apocalyptic drone (I’m thinking the Arell and cathedral transmission imprints principally) and hyperreal trance tones, the latter the type of which once upon a time ventured by Sonic Boom in his dream machine dinking EAR alter ego, whatever the case its effectively dispatched with an unnervingly simplistic detached mournful aura that’s certainly worthy of further investigation.."
Many thanks, TSE!

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