Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Dagger Zine reviews "An Original Thought"...

Brilliant review of "An Original Thought" from the US-based Dagger Zine site! Grateful thanks to Tim Hinely.
"I first came across this gent’s music on the tunes that were on the Dust in the Nettles 3-cd folk compilation that Cherry Red released last year. Well, Beau (Trevor Midgley) is back and on his 70th birthday, no less. Apparently Midgley wrote this 13-song collection in just two weeks time (stating it was his most intense writing period ever) and this collection a terrific batch of folks songs that would make Phil Ochs or even Robert Zimmerman proud. Beau is certainly an accomplished guitarist (that is his Harmony twelve string pictured on the front) and he has an interesting clipped vocal delivery. The opening title track adds a bit of whimsy as does the playful “The Promised Land” while “The Patriot’ is a tad more serious. Sometime I’m not always sure what Beau is singing about but that’s ok, it could be the most friviolous topic in the world but coming out of his mouth it sounds deep and profound. Lots of folks’ music is way too by-the-numbers but Beau adds enough of his unique historical perspective into the tunes to give this one an extra good status (there’s really not a bad song in the bunch here). Let’s be honest here, this guy is way too talented to be so unknown, in his seventh decade on earth, maybe his time will come now."

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