Sunday, 15 May 2016

Strange Brew reviews "An Original Thought"...

Many thanks to Jason Barnard for his neat review of "An Original Thought" in the new Strange Brew Sounds for mid-2016 page. 

"Former John Peel favourite Beau‘s has a new thirteen-song album  “An Original Thought”. Released forty-seven years on from his first release on Dandelion it was incredibly written in two weeks. It has all of Trevor’s hallmarks that have built up a new army of fans. As usual the songs are potted with political and historical lyrical thickets containing themes about patriotism, invention and modern-day surveillance. Highlights include the title track, ‘The Patriot’, the 12-string chiming ‘The Thinking of God’ and topical ‘Something Of A Loner’"

Sincerely appreciated, Jason!

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