Saturday, 21 May 2016

Albums by "the original Beau!"...

Hmm, I've recently had a couple of emails looking for clarification about Beau recordings. 

Thing is, back in the day there was just me out there, but now it seems around the world there are several (six at the last count!) recording with the Beau name. These include a Japanese metal band, a female Thai vocalist and a New York drum 'n' bass exponent! Fortunately I trademarked the Beau name and signature a while back, but all this has caused a little confusion for folks thinking they were buying one of my albums and actually ending up downloading, for example, an American lady duo!

So, for clarity and excluding compilations, these are my available sets as we speak; those that I can confidently describe as being by "the original Beau"!

“Beau” (with bonus tracks) – CD and download
“Creation” (Japanese release with one bonus track) – CD
“Creation Recreated” (with bonus tracks) – download 
“Edge Of The Dark” – CD and download
“The Way It Was” – vinyl and download
“Fables & Façades” – download
“Twelve Strings to the Beau” – vinyl
“Fly The Bluebird” – download 
“Recorded @ Rockers – The Dandelion Radio Sessions…” – download
“Creation” (Spanish release available worldwide with two bonus tracks) – vinyl
“Shoeless In The Desert” – download
“An Original Thought” – download

Hope this helps!

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