Friday, 26 June 2015

Fruits de Mer Records - “The 13th Dream Of Dr. Sardonicus” - MoonRock & Mother Russia...

Some fun coming up in the summer!!

Between August 7th & 9th 2015, Fruits De Mer Records are promoting their Festival Of Psychedelia – “The 13th Dream Of Dr. Sardonicus” – in Cardigan, Wales. A splendid time is guaranteed for all, with lots of goodies on offer.

A particularly quirky idea – and typically FdM! – is the release of three CDs, one for each night, exclusive to festival-goers.

I’m delighted to tell you FdM have included a previously-unreleased instro track of mine from 1981 – “MoonRock” – as the closer on the first night’s disc. However, I have a confession!

In February this year, I was working on a major piece of electronica – very un-Beau-like – called “Mother Russia”. Because it’s so far removed from anything I’ve done before, I adopted the name Simfonica for the project.

The good news is, FdM are including this twelve-and-a-half minute opus on their “13th Dream” disc for the third night. If you get to hear it, I really hope you like it. It’s been said “Mother Russia” is best listened to if your mind is slightly mood-altered, but I couldn’t possibly comment…

There aren’t many tickets left folks, so don’t miss out!

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