Monday, 4 May 2015

WFMU-FM's great support for "Creation"...

I knew Sommor’s vinyl release of “Creation” was doing well in New York City. Now I know why! You go away for a week, and everything kicks off again!

Many thanks to the guys ’n’ gals at WFMU-FM 98.1 in NYC and New Jersey for all the recent plays; particularly Pat Byrne (“Nine Minutes”, April 11th), Nate Knaebel (“Is This Your Day”, April 12th), BrianTurner (“Creation”, April 14th), Nick Name (“Silence Returns” on April 24th), Jeffrey Davison (“Is This Your Day”, April 25th and “Blind Faith” on May 2nd) and Martha (“Nine Minutes” on May 1st).

And if I’ve missed anyone off, I’m truly sorry. But thanks again, folks – you really are making a big difference!

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