Monday, 11 May 2015

“Shoeless In The Desert” released…

“Shoeless In The Desert” is out! Everything went live at midnight!

If you’re passing by Amazon or iTunes and are of a mind to check it out, do feel free to rate and review the set. It really does make a difference!

In his pre-release review, Tim Carroll for said “Trevor Midgley (aka Beau) writes wickedly sharp lyrics that never fail to make their point This nation is blessed with singer songwriters of considerable calibre, and Midgley belongs to those ranks…”

Mike Davies’ rather more gritty comment (excuse the pun!) for is it’s really about time you got his sand between your toes.”

I rather like that!

So, ladies an’ gennelmen, shake off those election blues! Here’s a few songs about religious entrepreneurs, coronary heart disease and immigration.

You can tell now why I never made it as a salesman…


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