Wednesday, 5 February 2014

The Rocktologist reviews "Twelve Strings to the Beau"...

Absolutely stunning review of “Twelve Strings to the Beau” in the February issue of The Rocktologist!


One of the best kept secrets in English folk music, Beau has only recently began to resurface and grace us with live shows and a host of new and old releases. One such is the 1975 gem, Twelve Strings to the Beau.

TSTTB has never before been released on vinyl, a medium which works best for rustic styles like Beau's type of folk – very traditional, simple and honest.

The captivating story-telling draws you in from the first second – just the man, his voice and his 12-string acoustic guitar. There's really nothing more that you need to get a story across. That's the way the troubadours of old used to do it. Beau sticks to that tradition and is rather handy at it. There's no need for guitar showmanship or vocal acrobatics if you have a compelling story or two to tell- And I have a feeling Beau rarely runs out of them. I'm sure he would be a fascinating person to listen to speak (besides his singing, of course).

The cat is out of the bag. Every year we get a reminder of Beau's past and present glories. I'm certain his name will go down in history of English folk music as one of the finest storytellers around. He is still a cult hero, but the word is getting out!

Beau at his most expressive and lyrical. Twelve Strings to the Beau is as timeless as Bob Dylan classics and just as good. If you want your folk without any unnecessary baggage and stripped to the bare essential, this is certainly the right album for you.


Many thanks, guys!

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