Tuesday, 8 October 2013

The Raiders' "I Remember" on Fruits de Mer - the first comments...

Really nice initial thoughts from Heyday on the upcoming “Fruits de Mer 2014 Annual”, and particularly on The Raiders’ “I Remember”.

“FdM likes a little fun now and then, and the 'Fruits De Mer Annual 2014' is similar to the earlier 'Do Not Adjust Your Set' release, with Giant Blue Zeta Puppies (Giant Blue...what?!?) ripping through the 'Joe 90 Theme', Astralasia doing the same with 'Johnny Remember Me' gunshots and all (even returning later with a 'Johnny In Dub' version, that's actually very good!) but best of all is The Raiders, with the slow, but beautiful instro 'I Remember'. This one hasn't reached the 60s British Instro compilations yet, but it won't be long! Yes, it's actually an original 60s recording from 1964 featuring a young Beau! It's rather beautiful...”

Bodes well, I think…

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