Saturday, 6 July 2013

Beau – “Love Is”; a video from the new vinyl LP, “Twelve Strings to the Beau”…

Just posted! ... The video for “Love Is” – Side One, Track One from the NEW vinyl release, "Twelve Strings to the Beau". "Any young, budding folkies would do well to check this album out for a quick lesson in how it should be done."

The Strange Brew Podcast: "...Beau digs far deeper and wider than most songwriters... this is a record that will live long in the memory."

Harmonic Distortion Blog: "... the sparse arrangements let you soak up the lyrics, which is what the record is really about ... Wordy, literate, informative and as beneficial as a slow release pill."

Buzz Magazine (page 50): "...Beau's cut-glass English accent and lyrics which entwine the abstract and the personal add up to an album worthy of comparison to, say, Roy Harper."

Shindig! Magazine: "Beau's exquisite 12-string backing imbues his troubadour-style ballads with an immediacy that leaves the listener hanging on his every word ... folk singer storytelling at its finest, buoyed by lyrics that rival Dylan and Cohen in their vivid imagery..."

For further info on "Twelve Strings to the Beau", click on The Sound Of Salvation Records.

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