Thursday, 5 July 2012

Harmony H-1270 twelve-string - from the original catalogue...

Now here’s a curio – the original sales spiel for my Harmony H-1270 12-string guitar, taken from Harmony’s 1966 catalogue…

Harmony Jumbo Model - 12 string guitar - Mahogany - Spruce Top A deluxe model for those who have learned to appreciate the richness and full toned response of the 12 string guitar, with its pairs of strings tuned in unison, or an octave apart. Large deep body has polished natural finish selected spruce top, carefully braced. Back, sides and neck are of selected mahogany. Torque-Lok adjustable reinforcing rod. Rosewood ovalled fingerboard and bridge. Nickel plated hinged tailpiece. Smartly bound and inlaid with shell-color and white celluloid.
No. 1270 - Size : 16 x 4 5/16 x 40 1/2 in : $139.50
No. C550 - Carrying Case, extra : $16.00
CAUTION - A 12-string guitar should not be tuned up to regular 6-string guitar pitch. Experienced players recommend tuning three or four half tones lower, to avoid pulling up the guitar top or bowing the neck

If I could get one for $139.50 now, I’d take a dozen!

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