Thursday, 21 June 2012

"The Way It Was" - Shindig! review...

A really nice review of "The Way It Was" has appeared in Issue #27 of UK print mag, Shindig! Here's what Alan Brown, the reviewer has to say:
The Way It Was Ritual Echo LP

In 1972, John Peel and Clive Selwood’s Dandelion Records called it a day, as did Beau, the label’s first signing. With no record company knocking on his door and his third album, High Mass, left in limbo, the under-appreciated singer-songwriter decided to concentrate on his career at the Halifax Building Society. Thankfully, he continued to write plaintive, observational story songs.

Forty years on, the folk troubadour has returned with a new 15-track album pressed on 180-gram vinyl and limited to 200 copies. And like the only instrument heard here, Beau’s ’67 Harmony 12-string acoustic, The Way It Was recalls those halcyon days when Phil Ochs’ protest songs rang out. Soothingly, it also sounds like a companion piece to his ’69 self-titled debut.

Standout tracks are plentiful and include the intimate ‘Web Of Tangled Reason’ and ‘The Rabbi At The Gates Of Prague’. Highly recommended.

Cheers, Alan!

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