Sunday, 24 June 2012

The "Silence Returns" solo - a definitive answer...

This message from Jim Milne of The Way We Live / Tractor answers a question that’s been asked many times…
“Talking about the solo on ‘Silence Returns’ ... (the guitar) was a home made mini Les Paul with four single coil Burns pickups in pairs I’d bought in a junk shop in Chester not long before. Very awkward to play because the neck was badly warped. Hence all the choked notes, dodgy tuning and frazzle. It was put through a Marshall fuzz pedal and a Dallas treble booster both set to maximum everything. I think it was first or second take. Can’t recall what amp it was although it wouldn’t have made much difference with the amount of distortion on it!”
Two bits I can fill in here about this great solo. It was definitely the first take. I remember us all sitting there and saying “You couldn’t do THAT again…!” And I’m pretty sure the amp was a Fender Blackface Twin owned by the recording studio, Hollick & Taylor.

Cheers Jim!

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