Sunday, 15 April 2012

"The Way It Was" launched on vinyl!

The vinyl "The Way It Was" album was officially launched last night at Lichfield Vinyl Night. The gig - my first in 30 years! - went great. Audience reaction was excellent, and I spent a lot of time signing albums. Some old fans travelled quite a distance to be there. One turned up from Bristol! There’ll be something on YouTube presently, but there’s a bit of work to do on that front.

Ritual Echo Records now have the album up on their site as a current item. They’ve also put up a couple of sample tracks in decent quality on their SoundCloud.

Several folks who didn't know all the songs asked about the set list. Here it is...

Nine Minutes (from “Creation”)
The Way It Was (from “The Way It Was”)
St. Elizabeth Of Hungary (from “Edge Of The Dark”)
Today Began A Thousand Years Ago (from “The Way It Was”)
Kiss Me With Your Eyes (from “The Way It Was”)
The Titanic Tragedy (from “The Way It Was”)
A Nation’s Pride (from “Beau”)
Where Is Your Gun, My Son? (from “The Way It Was”)
Red Light In Arcady (from “Edge Of The Dark”)

Encore –

1917 Revolution (from “Beau”)

Thanks to everyone who came, and for your support. As always, watch this space…

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