Monday, 19 September 2011

"CREATION RECREATED" released by Cherry Red

... and the good news is, Cherry Red Records has just followed up on 'The Way It Was' with ‘Creation Recreated’, a much-expanded download version of the original Dandelion ‘Creation’ set.

Many of you will know the bootleggers have had a field day with ‘Creation’. The 1971 album has already been re-released a couple of times on CD, but it’s never been made available officially as a download.

‘Creation Recreated’ features the full remastered album plus eleven bonus tracks, including four with Tractor which have never before seen light of day. Additionally, four of the songs from the original collection have been remixed and, I think, considerably improved.

All the lyrics, backgrounds to the songs and detailed recording data are here.

‘Creation Recreated’ (Cherry Red BEAUCR1) is available now from Amazon, iTunes and all major download sites worldwide. I really hope you like it – even the decidedly dubious ‘Able Seaman Sperm’ for which I feel I should sincerely apologise in advance…

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