Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Edge Of The Dark - the first reviews... 5 STARS!

The first review of "Edge Of The Dark" has just appeared online at babysue.com (the same review is also shown at lmnop.com) - and it's FIVE STARS!!

Here's what they say -

Beau - Edge of the Dark: Unreleased Recordings 1972 - 1985 (CD, Angel Air, Rock/pop)
This is a really odd one...unreleased recordings from obscure British recording artist Beau (the first musician to release a record on the late John Peel's 1917 Revolution label [sic]). Beau released two albums (Beau in 1969 and Creation in 1971) before beginning work on what was to be his third album which was to be called High Mass. But the album was never finished and the five songs that were recorded never saw the light of day until now. The next five cuts are from yet another unreleased album recorded in 1975 (Twelve Strings To The Beau). Next up are five experimental recordings followed by several recordings Beau created in the 1980s. This is the first time we have been exposed to this man's music. To our ears, his music sounds something like a cross between Donovan and Bert Jansch (more the latter than the former). His songs are based around a simply strummed acoustic guitar and he has a nice, subtle, understated voice. This is definitely one of those cases where the man had the talent...but his music just never managed to reach a large audience. This disc is intended to make more folks aware of Beau and his music. It certainly turned our heads around. Damn, this guy is good. (Rating: 5)

Now that, as they say, is not at all bad...

6 days to go!

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