Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Edge Of The Dark


Well, this is the very first post on this new "Beau's Recordings" blog. And the good news is, there's a brand new CD called "Edge Of The Dark" on its way very shortly from Angel Air Records (SJPCD293).

Release date is 6th April here in the UK - I believe it'll be available from the 7th in the States.

This is the first album of completely unissued material I've released since 1971! Thirty-eight years is a long time. But now it's almost here.

Five of the cuts are from what would have been my third Dandelion album - "High Mass". They feature The Way We Live / Tractor on backup. It'll be interesting for their fans to hear some pretty thunderous work by Jim and Steve that's never even been bootlegged!

There's been one little glitch in the pre-publicity; some sites are showing the title as "Edge Of Dark" (no definite article). Not that it makes much difference - the cat number's still the same.

OK, the countdown begins. I reckon it's 41 days to go!

I'll keep ya posted... (Click on the image below to get a fuller view of the cover.)

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  1. Just found your blog. At last - some new music from Beau. Looking forward to hearing it.